Frequently Asked Questions | Chiltern Railways

Frequently Asked Questions

Chiltern Railways train icon

Chiltern trains

Information on lengths of trains, stopping, school holidays

Chiltern Railways stations icon

Chiltern stations

Information on our stations, lost property  

Chiltern Railways Mainline logo

Chiltern's Mainline

What is Mainline, where do Mainline trains stop, how much do they cost.

Chiltern Railways disruption logo

Disruption on the Chiltern network

Why is my train late, types of disruption

Chiltern Railways ticketing logo


How to purchase tickets, types of ticket, how to collect tickets, group travel and more

Chiltern Railways taking a bike onour trains logo

Taking your cycle on Chiltern trains

Information on taking your cycle on Chiltern trains

Chiltern Railways refunds and compensation logo

Refunds & Compensation

How to claim refunds on your train travel

Chiltern Railways Wembley events logo

Wembley events

Travelling by train to Wembley, timetables, extra services

Chiltern Railways FAQs Video


Watch our selection of videos which aim to explain how some aspects of Chiltern Railways work

Logo for car parking

Car Parking

Car parking prices and how to pay

FAQ Connections and onward travel


Which other transport companies connect with Chiltern

FAQs On board our trains

On board our trains

Wi-Fi, heating and ventilation questions