Service Quality Regime

We are committed to providing a safe, reliable, and welcoming service to our customers all day, every day.

On 1 April 2022 we launched our Service Quality Regime (SQR) which measures our performance against a set of quality standards at our stations, on our trains and from our people. We have partnered with an external supplier who conducts Service Quality inspections at all our stations and on 61 of our train carriages each 4-week period.

Additionally, they complete Customer Service Mystery Shopping audits at all our staffed stations, on board our trains and via online channels to ensure that we are providing consistent, accurate and timely information to our customers.

ComponentAreaAverage P7-13 2022/23Benchmark 2023/24P1P2P3P4P5P6P7P8
StationsAmbience and Assets74.61%76%72.19%73.13%67.28%68.42%70.04%69.81%81.10%81.48%
 Cleanliness and Graffiti59.36%61%77.01%71.59%65.79%56.56%58.09%78.98%82.57% 82.91%
 Ticketing and staffing85.35%86%85.44%89.66%70.12%89.86%89.64%76.47%79.23%81.66%
TrainsAmbience and Assets83.37%83%88.70%85.37%83.69%79.65%83.35%90.65%89.92%91.65%
 Cleanliness and Graffiti93.18%88%96.96%95.75%85.49%91.38%87.43%90.17%91.05%93.80%
Customer ServiceStaff Helpfulness95.07%93%89.40%97.92%89.40%97.92%89.31%97.92%97.83%91.39%
 Online Information99.75%95%100%100%98.25%100%98.25%100%98.25%98.25%

Once station and train transformations have been completed, pictures will be posted on this page.