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Faq - car parking

01) Do Chiltern use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to manage their car parks?

Yes, all Chiltern Car Parks are managed using ANPR.

02) How does ANPR work?

ANPR works by cameras recording your car’s number plate on entry and exit of a car park and matching this to your payment.

03) What is the easiest way to pay for my car parking?

Use the Ringo App or visit this page for season tickets.

04) Which stations is RingGo available at?

Ringo is available across all the Chiltern Railways car parks.

05) What are the peak/off-peak car parking restrictions at your stations?

The peak and off-peak times can be found on our car parking page.

07) Can I park my car at a station for more than one day?

Yes, car parking tickets are available for various lengths of time. If unsure, consult the booking office of the station you are wishing to park at.

08) What are the peak/off peak car parking restrictions at your stations?

Prices and off peak timings for all of our station car parks are available here. For more information on car parking, please visit


09) What happens if I do not have enough time to purchase a car parking ticket when I arrive at a station?

We advise you use RingGo in this situation as you can pay for your parking over the phone on the train. Payment should be made as soon as possible and always within 30 minutes of leaving your vehicle unattended.

10) What is the RingGo code for my station?

You can view the RingGo codes for our stations here.

11) How do I claim a RingGo refund?

RingGo refunds are processed through a written request to our Customer Relations team. You can find their contact details here.

12) Can I get a VAT receipt for RingGo?

Yes, head to the my statements page on RingGo.

13) What is your car sharing policy?

We offer free parking to Rail Users at all Chiltern Car Parks, when three or more people share a car.

At least 3 occupants of the car must come to the Ticket Office where staff will record your vehicle registration number and provide free parking.

This offer is subject to the ticket office being open at the time of your arrival at the station and there being an available car parking space.

For Ticket Office opening times see:-