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Welcome to smarter travel with your new Chiltern Railways Smartcard

Smartcards are here

Train tickets have received a much-needed makeover recently and have never looked better.  

The Chiltern Railways Smartcard offers a new way of buying your train tickets that takes the hassle out of travel by letting you manage everything online, so you can leave the queues behind.

It won’t stop working or smudge after being taken in and out of your wallet every day. It won’t get curly corners or get bent up at the bottom of your bag. And it won’t stop working if you keep it in the same pocket as your mobile phone -  it will still get you from A to B without a problem.  

You’ll then be able to buy your season ticket and select your collection station. To make life even easier, you can collect your ticket by touching your Smartcard on the yellow reader at the start of your journey and you’re good to go. It really is that simple.

Top tip: when touching your Smartcard to the reader, keep your other contactless cards separate to avoid ‘card clash’.

You might have a few questions but don’t worry, our website has all the answers you’re looking for. And if it doesn’t, we have a dedicated Smartcard helpline with a real person at the other end to answer your questions. Simply call 03456 005 165.

We hope you enjoy travelling smarter with your new Chiltern Railways Smartcard.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q ) What tickets are available on Smartcards?

A) Season tickets, including Travelcard seasons are available for Smartcard holders. During 2019, more journey and ticket types will become available, so please check our website for the latest options.

Q) When I buy my ticket online, where do I collect it from?

A) When you buy your ticket online you’ll be asked to select the station at the start of your journey. To collect your ticket at the station, simply touch your card on the yellow gate reader. Your ticket will be loaded onto your Smartcard and you’ll be ready to travel (please wait 2 hours from when you purchase to load your ticket).


Q) How do I check my season ticket on the move?

A) Download our Chiltern app from the App Store or Google Play onto your smartphone and you’ll be able to check your Smartcard at any time. 


Q) What do I do if I lose my Smartcard?

A) Get in touch with us as soon as you can. You can either visit our website to hotlist your card or call our customer relations team on 03456 005 165.


Q) Do I need a new Smartcard when my season ticket expires?

A) No - your Smartcard is reusable. When your season ticket expires, simply log-in to your online account to purchase a new one. Your expired ticket will be removed from your card next time you touch the gate reader.


Q) Can I break my journey between stations where my season ticket is valid?

A) Yes - you can break your journey at any station along the route that your season ticket is valid. 


Q) What is ‘card clash’?

A) If you keep all your contactless cards (Oyster, debit/credit cards) together in the same wallet or purse as your Smartcard, you’re going to get ‘card clash’. This happens when the reader gets confused about which card to use, so the gate may not open and the reader may take payment from a card you didn’t intend to use. To make sure this doesn’t happen, please keep your Smartcard separate from your other contactless cards.


Q) Where do I get further information about my Smartcard?

Call our customer relations team on 03456 005 165.