Medical emergencies on trains and stations

Advice for customers dealing with medical emergencies on train

If you or a fellow passenger falls ill on the train, there are a number of points to consider when calling for help:

  • Seek the help of traincrew. Do this in person if there is a Train Manager (who usually resides in the rear cab of the train), but if no one is available in the train, use the passenger alarm to contact the driver directly.
  • To ensure the most effective response to the medical emergency we encourage you to contact Chiltern staff in the first instance prior to calling the emergency services. In this way, the staff can ensure the train can be met by medical professionals at a suitable location and in the most expedient way.
  • If you are feeling ill while waiting at a station, we urge you not to travel on the train, as it is far easier to attend to an ill person at a station.
  • It might sound simple, but make sure to carry some water and eat something before you board a train, particularly a long journey. We do not provide food or drinks on any of our services.