Penalty Fares

Passengers travelling with Chiltern Railways must carry a valid ticket for their entire journey. If a station does not have a ticket office, or the ticket office is closed, a ticket can be purchased from the self-service ticket machine(s) on the station. If the ticket required is not available from the self-service ticket machine, then a 'permit to travel' should be purchased from the machine on the station. Where these are not available, tickets should be purchased at the first opportunity during the journey.

Failure to purchase a valid ticket for the entire journey may leave passengers liable to pay a penalty fare of £100 or twice the appropriate fare to the next station stop, whichever is the greater.

Buying a ticket is easy, living with a criminal record is not.

To avoid any problems, always buy your ticket before you board the train. If not, you may be subject to a penalty fare, as well as prosecution for fare evasion.

For the more detail on our Revenue Enforcement & Prosecutions Policy, please download the document below.