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Faq - on board our trains

01) How does WiFi work onboard?

By combining 3G and 4G mobile data signals along the route, we'll keep you connected where we can as we travel along. Watch the video below to see how this can be affected when travelling.

02) How secure is the network?

Although the network is an open network, we've implemented lots of safeguards, so it shouldn't be possible for others to get unauthorised access to your device. However, we recommend that to keep your data safe, always make sure you're connected to the right network and keep your firewall and anti-virus software up to date.

03) Will I have to pay?

Our onboard media content is completely free for your entire journey.

04) Which services have WiFi?

We have complimentary WiFi* on all Chiltern Railways trains. The first time you use our WiFi you will need to complete registration.  Once registered your details will be remembered and you can sign in as soon as you board the train.

Free WiFi is available at our major stations including London Marylebone, Bicester Village, Warwick Parkway, Birmingham Moor Street and Banbury.  The connection will automatically transfer between train and station without you having to sign in again.

*subject to availability

05) Why isn't my connection working, despite the onboard WiFi signal being strong?

Our free Wifi uses several 3G and 4G signals, so the quality of the internet connection will vary depending on where you are along our route and how many people are using the free WiFi at any one time.

If you lose your connection, we're probably just passing through an area with a weak signal. If this happens, there is no need to reconnect once the signal improves - you'll be connected again automatically.

The good news is, watching content through isn't affected by the signal as it's pre-downloaded to the train, so you can enjoy our range of TV programmes, games and more for your entire journey.

06) I can't seem to watch videos on popular news sites, why is that?

To make sure all passengers are able to enjoy a seamless connection, we limit access to some news sites that have a lot of video content, such as the BBC website. You can still find video news updates from Reuters and Met weather, TV shows and the latest games on

07) Are you restricting data usage or access to some websites? Can I access Netflix or BBC iPlayer onboard?

To make sure everyone can enjoy a seamless connection, we limit connection speeds and access to some video and music streaming sites, as well as those with content that's not suitable for an open public network. Even with these necessary restrictions, we're confident you'll still find plenty to keep you entertained on

08) How do I report problems with the WiFi?

Our WiFi is proving to be very reliable, however, there are still some faults that Icomera, the company that provides and maintains the system can’t see remotely. Consequently, they rely on our customers and staff reporting problems directly to them. 

Onboard our trains : please report all WiFi defects onboard our trains as soon as possible directly to Icomera on 020 8028 0375, or they can be emailed at [email protected] . Many defects can be remotely rectified once reported, so the sooner you let us know, the sooner you can enjoy continue to enjoy the facility.

At our stations : If you do have any problems at a Chiltern station, WifiSpark have a helpdesk that passengers and staff can report connectivity problems to open 24 hours a day every day. Either call 0344 848 9555 or email: [email protected]

09) The WiFi isn't working. Will you refund my ticket?

We're keeping our passengers connected by offering onboard WiFi wherever we can along our routes. Due to the nature of the 3G and 4G mobile connections, speeds and connectivity will vary depending on where we are and how many people are online. 

As we've made our media content free for all passengers, it's not a service that is included in our refund policy.

10) What will you do with my name and email address?

When you log onto our WiFi, you'll need to enter your name and email address but it is up to you whether you'd like to receive news and offers from Chiltern Railways. If you opted in to hear from us we will send you the latest updates and offers.

11) Why is it too hot/too cold on my train?

We are sorry if you have had an issue with the temperature on board our trains, unfortunately the on board train crew do not have control over this. If you do wish to make a complaint about the on board temperature, please contact our Customer Relations team.

What is the Business Zone?

Business Zone provides business passengers with all the convenience needed to make the journey both comfortable and productive, and is available on our silver trains (identified by the S in the timetable).

You can upgrade to the Business Zone by paying a supplement and get large tables for working, the widest seats with more legroom than you’ll find on any train service between Birmingham or Oxford and London.

You may use the Business Zone with any standard class ticket valid for travel, on payment of a supplement. This can be purchased with your ticket (if booking at a station) or you can simply upgrade onboard.

On London to Oxford services, the supplement is £15 at all times. On London to Birmingham services the supplement is £30 at peak times, and £15 at off peak times. Peak supplements are payable for use on trains which are timed to arrive into London before 1000, or depart London between 1600 and 1900 on weekdays.