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FAQ our stations

  • Bicester Stations - Can I use my Bicester North to London Marylebone ticket to travel to and from Bicester Village station ?

    Yes. All tickets between Bicester North and London Marylebone (including intermediate stations) and tickets to Bicester Village to London Marylebone can be used from either station.  Ticket prices will be the same from both stations.

  • Bicester Stations - Can I travel on the shuttle bus from Bicester North station for free with my rail ticket ?

    No.  The shuttle busis provided for visitors to the outlet shopping centre for passengers with tickets that include shuttle travel.  Regular tickets are valid from or to either Bicester station but not to travel between them.

  • Bicester Stations - Will my Bicester North car park ticket be accepted in the car park at Bicester Village

    Yes, car park tickets are valid at either station. However please be aware that the car park atr Bicester Village station is much smaller than at Bicester North.  Both car parks are pay & display and and customers can also pay by phone/app/online using RingGo.  The RingGo code for Bicester Village is 2966.

  • Bicester Stations - Why are there fewer trains running from Bicester North

    Bicester North station has over 700 car park spaces and Bicester Village just over 200.  We therefore advise anyone who can walk or cycle to Bicester Village station to do so as the car park will be very busy and also the traffic flow in the area will be affected by the railway crossing barriers on London Road.

  • Bicester Stations- What facilities are available at Bicester Village station

    We have a cafe at the station that is run by Little Italy the same company that runs the cafe at Bicester North.  There are two platforms linked by an overbridge with lifts, 150 parking spaces and 50 cycle parking spaces.  There is an additional entrance to the station onto the platform at Langford Village side of the station and an additional exit on the London bound for customers visiting Bicester Village shopping outlet.

  • Bicester Stations - Why have trains been diverted from Oxford Parkway ? Why can't you run the same level of service from Bicester North as you did previously?

    There are still only two tracks to accomodate all trains between Birmingham, Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone.  We have however lengthened the platforms at Bicester North during 2015 and purchased 5 new 2 car trains that we run longer.

  • Bicester Stations - Will the Taxibus to Bure Park, Langford Village and Greenwood Homes still operate and will it serve Bicester Village station ?

    The services will continue to run solely from Bicester North but the Langford Village taxi bus will drop off and pick up at Bicester Village station ( on request)

  • Can I use e cigarettes at Chiltern stations

    The smoking of cigarettes and vaping of e-cigarettes is prohibited on trains and at railway stations. Given their remarkable likeness the use of e-cigarettes can cause concern amongst other passengers.

    In the same way as you would expect people to react if you were to vape an e-cigarette in a restaurant, in the confined space of a railway carriage or platform, their use has led to complaints.  In light of this, we have issued guidance to our staff to ask people using an e-cigarette to stop doing so for the comfort and convenience of their fellow passengers. Similarly to being asked to turn off a mobile phone if the conversation is causing irritation to others, most customers observe a form of social etiquette and do not deliberately undertake actions when they realise these could be annoying other people in their vicinity.

  • Which station(s) should I alight at for key attractions/facilities?
    Warwick Castle = Warwick Station
    Wembley Stadium = Wembley Stadium Station
    Bicester Village = Bicester Village station from London Marylebone or Bicester North Station from Birmingham Moor St 
    Stoke Mandeville Hospital = Aylesbury Station
  • Why do you charge 30p to use the toilets are Marylebone?

    We charge 30p at Marylebone to bring us in line with other London Terminal stations. The 30p is used to supply dedicated security and cleaning. Toilets are available on board all of our trains.