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Faq - our stations

01) Where/how can I claim my lost property?

Every week, we receive over 800 items of lost property left on our trains or stations. We will always do our best to contact the owner of an item, where they can be identified. All lost property that we find makes its way to our lost property office in London Marylebone station.

You can report a lost item by using our Contact Us form.

You can also report it in writing using a Lost Property form available at any Chiltern Railways ticket office, and returning it to a member of Chiltern Railways Staff; or by post to Chiltern Railways Lost Property, Marylebone Station, London NW1 6JJ.

Lost Property Office Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 12.00 to 20.00 hours.

02) How long do you hold lost property for?

Items are stored in our Lost Property Office at London Marylebone for 3 months from the date they were received. 

03) How long does it take to process a lost item?

You should allow up to two weeks for processing lost items because lost property has to make its way from where it was found to our office in London Marylebone.

If you have made an enquiry about lost property and you do not hear back from us in that period, you should assume that unfortunately the item has not been found.

04) How much does it cost to collect my item(s) from lost property?

A collection fee is levied to cover administration costs:

Items of cash are subject to an administration charge. Excess fees may also apply if you fail to collect your item on the agreed date. These fees are payable on collection at London Marylebone.

  • Electronic items of high value (laptops, ipads, computers etc) - £20.00
  • Mobile phones, I-pods and other electrical items - £10.00
  • Books, umbrellas, hats, scarves and gloves - £2.00 
  • All other items - £3.00
05) Why do I have to pay to get my lost property back?

As stated above, a collection fee is levied to cover administration costs.

06) What if I have lost a Credit or Debit card(s)?

If a Credit or Debit card is handed into our lost property department, we have an obligation to protect a customer's details.

All cards will be destroyed within 24 hours of receipt. Customers who have misplaced or lost their card, should contact their bank at the first opportunity and report the relevant card(s) missing.

If you contact us and are unable to collect your card within one hour, we will have to destroy any cards present for your security. We will log the cards received/destroyed and communicate the relevant details to you.

07) Which stations do Chiltern Railways operate?

We operate most of the stations we call at. However, we do not operate stations from Widney Manor to Kidderminster inclusive (except for Solihull and Birmingham Moor Street) and from Claverdon to Stratford-Upon-Avon inclusive, these stations are operated by London NorthWestern. We also do not operate station from Harrow-on-the-Hill to Amersham inclusive, these stations are operated by Transport for London. GWR operate Oxford station.

08) How do I find out what facilities your stations have?

See our station information section  or NRE .

09) Which stations are staffed/unstaffed?

The majority of our stations have members of staff available to help you with any queries you may have, however some of our smaller station are unstaffed, these are:

Denham Golf Club, Hatton, Kings Sutton, Lapworth, Little Kimble, Monks Risborough, Saunderton, Sudbury Hill Harrow, Sudbury & Harrow Road, Wembley Stadium

At these unstaffed stations there are 24 hour help points which you can use should you have a query.

10) Bicester Stations - Why have trains been diverted from Oxford Parkway ? Why can't you run the same level of service from Bicester North as you did previously?

There are still only two tracks to accomodate all trains between Birmingham, Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone.  We have however lengthened the platforms at Bicester North during 2015 and purchased 5 new 2 car trains that we run longer.

10) Which station(s) should I alight at for key attractions/facilities?

Warwick Castle = Warwick Station

Wembley Stadium = Wembley Stadium Station

Bicester Village = Bicester Village station from London Marylebone or Bicester North Station from Birmingham Moor St 

Stoke Mandeville Hospital = Aylesbury Station

11) Bicester Stations- What facilities are available at Bicester Village station

We have a cafe at the station that is run by Little Italy the same company that runs the cafe at Bicester North.  There are two platforms linked by an overbridge with lifts, 150 parking spaces and 50 cycle parking spaces.  There is an additional entrance to the station onto the platform at Langford Village side of the station and an additional exit on the London bound for customers visiting Bicester Village shopping outlet.

12) Bicester Stations - Can I travel on the shuttle bus from Bicester North station for free with my rail ticket ?

No. A regular shuttle bus runs from outside Bicester North station to Bicester Village shopping.  You will need to purchase an additional ticket at the station booking office to travel to the Village.   There is no combined rail and shuttle bus ticket available at present.

13) Bicester Stations - Can I use my Bicester North to London Marylebone ticket to travel to and from Bicester Village station ?

Yes. All tickets between Bicester North and London Marylebone (including intermediate stations) and tickets to Bicester Village to London Marylebone can be used from either station.  Ticket prices will be the same from both stations.

15) Bicester Stations - Will my Bicester North car park ticket be accepted in the car park at Bicester Village

Yes, car park tickets are valid at either station (this includes season tickets).

Purchase day tickets from the train ticket machines and season tickets online here.

16) Bicester Stations - Why are there fewer trains running from Bicester North

Bicester North station has over 700 car park spaces and Bicester Village just over 200.  We therefore advise anyone who can walk or cycle to Bicester Village station to do so as the car park will be very busy and also the traffic flow in the area will be affected by the railway crossing barriers on London Road.

17) Bicester Stations - When did you consult on the changes to the timetable?

The original consultation took place during 2014 and was available on the Chiltern Railways website for comment.  Following a significant amount of constructive feedback, changes have been made and the final timetable was available Summer 2015.

18) Can I use e cigarettes at Chiltern stations

The smoking of cigarettes and vaping of e-cigarettes is prohibited on trains and at railway stations. Given their remarkable likeness the use of e-cigarettes can cause concern amongst other passengers.

In the same way as you would expect people to react if you were to vape an e-cigarette in a restaurant, in the confined space of a railway carriage or platform, their use has led to complaints.  In light of this, we have issued guidance to our staff to ask people using an e-cigarette to stop doing so for the comfort and convenience of their fellow passengers. Similarly to being asked to turn off a mobile phone if the conversation is causing irritation to others, most customers observe a form of social etiquette and do not deliberately undertake actions when they realise these could be annoying other people in their vicinity.

19) Why do you charge 30p to use the toilets are Marylebone?

The 30p charge at Marylebone is used to supply dedicated security and cleaning. Toilets are available on board all of our trains.

20) Why do you only get a limited amount of time to board the train at Marylebone from when the platform is announced?

At London Marylebone station we often stack our trains in the platforms to increase the amount of services we can run. However, we can only announce one train per platform at a time so that our passengers board the correct train. Unfortunately this means that sometimes there is only 10 minutes for passengers to get to their train.

21) Why does my train always go from the furthest platforms at Marylebone when platforms 1, 2 & 3 are free?

Each day we have a schedule of which platforms our trains are due to arrive into/depart from. Although platforms may appear to be free, platforms are selected based upon us delivering the most punctual and frequent service we can.

We try to use boarding zone ‘A’ when we can, this is located near to platforms 4, 5 & 6. This means that passengers are closer to platforms 4, 5 & 6 when their train is announced and they can board the service with a comfortable amount of time before its scheduled departure.

22) Do you issue platform passes?

Yes, we welcome rail enthusiasts and photographers on our stations. If you do wish to have access to the platform(s) we ask you to make your presence known to staff at our stations so that they know who you are and can continue with their duties. This process may involve the issuing of a platform pass or you may be asked to sign in, in a visitors’ book. For more information, see our photography on stations section.