Social media policy

Our social media team are on hand to assist you with comments, queries and concerns on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

We welcome both positive and negative feedback and ensure that these are shared with the relevant individuals within the business, as well as sharing an overview of feedback on a daily basis with the business. We do not commit to answering every single post received, however will aim to answer the majority in line with the following information:

What we offer:

Our team will provide regular travel information and updates detailing events, disruption, activities etc that are taking place across the Chiltern Railways network via our Twitter and Facebook Accounts.

We will also at times offer areas of fun engagement and promotional offers, including competitions and giveaways from ourselves and external partnerships.

  • We are online from 06:00-22:00 7 days a week with the exception of Christmas Day & Boxing Day (we may offer a reduced online presence should we offer a passenger service on Boxing Day).
  • We want to help and assist our customers so will remain polite and considerate, we therefore do expect that communication with us is managed with the same respect and integrity.
  • We provide information and updates regarding our network and stations and facilities.
  • We aim to respond to messages within 30 minutes. However, if services are in major disruption this may vary.
  • We respond to genuine questions and queries and will assist with redirecting concerns to the relevant teams. If we require additional information or personal details we may re-direct you to private messages or to the contact centre team.
  • Our Social Media feeds are informal channels so we would not provide responses to any formal complaints. These would be directed to the Customer relations team to investigate in line with our Policies and Procedures. We may pass your details over to the Customer Relations team with your permission.
  • We do recognise things can go wrong and appreciate the frustrations and disruption this can cause to our customers, however we will not engage with any discriminatory, racist, abusive or obscene posts. Any comments of this nature will be reported to the Social Media Channels and the individuals will be blocked from our accounts.
  • Please avoid spamming accounts, trolling, parody accounts, persistent or sarcastic comments. We will not respond to such repeated messages and will block anyone who is continuing to post frivolous or vexatious comments and we will report these to the owner of the Social Media Channel.
  • We are happy for anyone to follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page, however we do not follow back, accept friends, or send friend requests. If we have previously followed you on any of our social media sites this does not automatically mean that we are endorsing you or recommending you to others.
  • We are happy for you to share and re-tweet our posts, competitions etc as long as these are not altered and misrepresent us.
  • Any accounts raised or responded to in our name will be reported as a fraudulent account to the relevant Social media Channel and will be blocked by ourselves.