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Meet the Managers

View all the comments and responses from recent ‘Meet The Manager’ sessions in the files below.

We try to answer all queries as openly and honestly as we can. You can also contact our Customer Services team.

Please note, the Meet the Manager event scheduled for 18 March 2020 at London Marylebone has been postponed. We will update customers on a new date soon.

2020 dates

Station Date Time
Warwick Parkway 22 April 0630-0900
Birmingham Moor Street 20 May 0630-0900
London Marylebone 17 June 1600-1900
High Wycombe 22 July 1600-1900
London Marylebone 23 September 1600-1900
Leamington Spa 21 October 0630-0900
Aylesbury 18 November 0630-0900
London Marylebone 9 December 0630-0900





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