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Refunds and Complaints Form

The form has moved from this page to the new refunds and complaints form. Please go to the new page to see all contact details.


For information on refunds, please visit the refund information page.

To see refund information for industrial action, please visit the Strike page. For customers who traveled and were delayed may be entitled to delay repay compensation if they were delayed by 15 mins or more against the published timetable. Season ticket holders can apply for compensation through the Delay Repay scheme if you were unable to use your season ticket due to strike action.

Compensation for delays

If you are delayed on a Chiltern Railways journey by 15 minutes or more, you are entitled to compensation under our Delay Repay 15 scheme. In order to make a claim under this scheme, please click on our new compensation form.

You do not have to claim using this scheme, but if you do you must make a claim within 28 days of the relevant journey. You may also be entitled to claim for other losses caused by Chiltern Railways and further guidance is available in the National Conditions of Travel and in our Passenger Charter.

If the initial cause of your delay occurred while travelling with another train company, your claim should be submitted directly to that train operator. Please visit their website for more information.

If you are travelling on a single or return ticket, please do not put it through the ticket barrier at the end of your journey as you will need to submit it to make a claim.

For more information on compensation please visit the compensation page.

If you currently hold a Season Ticket then please attach a photo but there is no need to cut your ticket, only if you are applying for delay compensation, not refunds. For instructions on refunds, see the information at the top of the page.

We have a new refunds and complaints form.