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Our new timetable starts on Sunday 15th December 2019

A winter scene in London

Our new timetable:

For Winter and Spring starts on Sunday 15th December 2019 and runs until 16th May 2020. 


Our train times are available online and through our website and app.  To support our environmental aims, and as the audience for the full printed timetable reduces, we are now printing fewer copies of these.  We would encourage you to please consider our online options. If you still require a paper timetable, please pick up a pocket edition from any of our manned stations.

Advice for customers:

Please check the new timetable carefully to ensure you know when your train is due and remember that the warmer months bring with them a host of sporting and music events; we do our best to adapt train times to make sure customers can travel to these and so we advise you to always check before you travel and pick your tickets up in advance.

Winter and Spring 2020 timetable attached below: