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  • Trains to Birmingham depart from London Marylebone every 30 minutes. The journey is from 1 hour and 39 minutes and is a comfortable ride on a direct train to Birmingham Moor Street. Trains continue on to Birmingham Snow Hill, the centre of the Birmingham’s business district. Fares are from £5.50 with an Advance single ticket.

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  • Our London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street Advance fares from £5.50 are released at least 12 weeks before departure. These are quite simply our best value fares and are perfect if you like to plan ahead and are happy to stick to a specific date and time. As there is a limited amount of Advance fares available, it's advisable to book early to get the best price.
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How long does it take to get from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street by train?

Journey times are from just 1 hour 39 minutes. On average, the journey takes 1 hour 50 minutes. Journey times may differ on weekends and holidays.

How much is the train fare from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street?

Train tickets are from £5.50 with an Advance single ticket.

How often do trains from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street run?

Trains from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street run every 30 minutes.

Where can I check the journey times for trains from London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street?

You can check journey times using the live trains function on the Chiltern Railways app, on our website or at your nearest station. You can also use JourneyCheck to view any updates to the service you wish to travel on.

London Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street Train Journey Summary

  • Train fares from: £5.50 | Fastest route: 1hr 39mins | Slowest route: 2hr 43mins | Average journey time: 1hr 54mins | Changes: Direct | Train per day: Around 36 | Distance: 99 miles (159 km) | Train operators: Chiltern Railways | Origin: London Marylebone | Destination: Birmingham Moor Street
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Station locations and facilities

London Marylebone

London Marylebone station is located between Paddington and Euston in central London. It has quick and easy transport links to the rest of London. It has quick and easy transport links to the rest of London, with the Bakerloo underground line and plenty of buses stopping at the station. It also has public toilets, WiFi, cash points and plenty of places to enjoy something to eat or drink.

Birmingham Moor Street

Conveniently located in the city centre, Birmingham Moor Street is only a 5 minute walk from Birmingham New Street station. In addition to fast trains to London, it also offers direct links to many towns and cities in the rest of the Midlands.

Departures and arrivals at London Marylebone

Status Departs Destination Platform Operator Details
05:55 High Wycombe Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 05:55
Wembley Stadium 06:04
Northolt Park 06:10
South Ruislip 06:17
West Ruislip 06:26
Denham 06:31
Denham Golf Club 06:34
Gerrards Cross 06:38
Seer Green 06:42
Beaconsfield 06:45
High Wycombe 06:53
06:05 Birmingham Snow Hill Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 06:05
Bicester North 06:46
Kings Sutton 06:57
Banbury 07:02
Leamington Spa 07:20
Warwick 07:25
Warwick Parkway 07:29
Hatton 07:34
Dorridge 07:42
Widney Manor 07:46
Solihull 07:50
Olton 07:54
Birmingham Moor Street 08:02
Birmingham Snow Hill 08:10
06:09 Oxford Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 06:09
Gerrards Cross 06:28
Beaconsfield 06:34
High Wycombe 06:39
Princes Risborough 06:49
Haddenham & Thame Parkway 06:55
Bicester Village 07:08
Islip 07:15
Oxford Parkway 07:18
Oxford 07:30
06:17 Stratford-Upon-Avon Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 06:17
Wembley Stadium 06:26
Northolt Park 06:32
West Ruislip 06:37
Denham 06:42
Gerrards Cross 06:46
Seer Green 06:52
Beaconsfield 06:55
High Wycombe 07:00
Saunderton 07:07
Princes Risborough 07:13
Haddenham & Thame Parkway 07:19
Bicester North 07:32
Kings Sutton 07:44
Banbury 07:49
Leamington Spa 08:08
Warwick 08:13
Hatton 08:20
Claverdon 08:26
Bearley 08:31
Wilmcote 08:35
Stratford Parkway 08:37
Stratford-Upon-Avon 08:46
06:33 Aylesbury Vale Parkway Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 06:33
Harrow-on-the-Hill 06:45
Rickmansworth 06:55
Chorleywood 07:00
Chalfont & Latimer 07:04
Amersham 07:08
Great Missenden 07:14
Wendover 07:21
Stoke Mandeville 07:25
Aylesbury 07:29
Aylesbury Vale Parkway 07:39
06:40 Princes Risborough Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 06:40
Wembley Stadium 06:49
South Ruislip 06:58
Denham 07:08
Denham Golf Club 07:10
Gerrards Cross 07:14
Beaconsfield 07:20
High Wycombe 07:25
Princes Risborough 07:38
06:48 Oxford Chiltern Railways
London Marylebone 06:48
Gerrards Cross 07:05
Beaconsfield 07:11
High Wycombe 07:16
Princes Risborough 07:26
Haddenham & Thame Parkway 07:32
Bicester Village 07:44
Oxford Parkway 07:52
Oxford 08:01
Status Arrives Origin Platform Operator Details
06:16 Aylesbury Vale Parkway Chiltern Railways
Aylesbury Vale Parkway 05:16
Aylesbury 05:21
Stoke Mandeville 05:26
Wendover 05:30
Great Missenden 05:36
Amersham 05:43
Harrow-on-the-Hill 06:01
London Marylebone 06:16
06:19 Aylesbury Chiltern Railways
Aylesbury 05:02
Little Kimble 05:11
Monks Risborough 05:15
Princes Risborough 05:20
Saunderton 05:25
High Wycombe 05:31
Beaconsfield 05:38
Seer Green 05:41
Gerrards Cross 05:46
Denham Golf Club 05:49
Denham 05:52
West Ruislip 05:56
South Ruislip 06:00
Northolt Park 06:04
Wembley Stadium 06:09
London Marylebone 06:19
06:31 Banbury Chiltern Railways
Banbury 05:17
Kings Sutton 05:22
Bicester North 05:33
Haddenham & Thame Parkway 05:45
High Wycombe 05:59
Beaconsfield 06:05
Gerrards Cross 06:11
London Marylebone 06:31
06:49 Aylesbury Vale Parkway Chiltern Railways
Aylesbury Vale Parkway 05:44
Aylesbury 05:49
Stoke Mandeville 05:54
Wendover 05:58
Great Missenden 06:04
Amersham 06:11
Chalfont & Latimer 06:15
Chorleywood 06:18
Rickmansworth 06:23
Harrow-on-the-Hill 06:34
London Marylebone 06:49