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If you are applying for compensation for a journey after May 1st 2022 please go to the new Delay Repay Compensation page.

Refunds, Complaints, General enquiries and Praise

If you are looking to apply for a refund or have a complaint to raise. For more information please visit the new refund information page.


Customer form

Facebook Messenger


Have an urgent query that you need one of our team to answer? Head to our Facebook page and click on 'message'. Our customer relations team will be online between 6:00 - 22:00 7 days a week.



Delay Repay Compensation


We've made applying for Delay Repay Compensation easier. Click on the delay repay button below to go to the form.


Delay Repay Form




To see answers to the most asked questions we receive, click the link below.


Frequently asked questions



For real time information regarding our services follow us on Twitter, follow the link below to go to our page.

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Customer Services


For other ways to contact us and to see our FAQ section, please follow the link below.


Customer help


Refund information


Information about refunds for all ticket types.


Refund info

Lost Property


If you have lost an item at one of our stations or  services please follow the link below.


Lost property form



Want an answer on the go? You can message one of our team on WhatsApp. Our team will be online between 06:00 and 22:00 7 days a week. Save our dedicated number 020 3856 2007 in to your WhatsApp contacts to get started.