Terms and conditions of Parking


The Chiltern Railway Company Limited ("Chiltern")

Terms & Conditions for entry and use of the car park


1. Entry to car park

1.1. Upon entry to the car park, you become liable to pay without any set-off or other deduction Chiltern's charges, which are displayed and which may change from time to time.

1.2. Failure to pay, or a breach of the terms of parking displayed, may result in a parking charge being issued.

1.3. All vehicles entering or remaining in the car park must not exceed 2.5 tonnes, and must be roadworthy, taxed and insured at all times.

1.4. Our Agent (APCOA Parking UK Ltd) reserves the right to take legal action for a higher amount to recover any losses, and may apply to the DVLA for Keeper details to pursue outstanding debts if a Parking Charge Notice remains unpaid after 30 days, or is not cancelled on appeal.

2. Notification of Damage, Theft etc.

2.1. You are required, in the event of any accident at the car park (whether involving a vehicle or otherwise) or any theft from a vehicle to follow the following steps:

2.1.1. to immediately inform a member of Chiltern's staff or agents of the occurrence and assist in the completion of an Incident Report Form;

2.1.2. in cases of theft immediately to inform the Police;

2.1.3. to notify your insurers promptly where appropriate.

2.2. If you consider that you have a claim against Chiltern you should within 7 days of the discovery of the loss, destruction, damage or theft give written notice containing full details of the occurrence to Chiltern Railways at the address below.

2.3. Chiltern shall not be liable for any claim (other than a claim arising under Condition 2.1 above) where you fail to give notice in accordance with Condition 2.2 (above).

3. Use of Car Park

3.1. It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is left properly secured in the car park and any personal items are placed “out of sight”.

3.2. The directional and other signs displayed in the car park form part of these Terms and Conditions.

3.3. You are required to park your vehicle entirely within a marked parking space unless specified by the Chiltern staff or agents and to comply with all applicable signage. Failure to do so and parking in the aisles, using a disabled parking bay without proper entitlement, using a parking bay when being a non rail user and obstructing another vehicle or roadway are not permitted and may result in a parking charge being issued.

3.4. In no circumstances whatsoever should you utilise the car park for:

3.4.1. any activity connected with the sale, hire or other disposal of a vehicle;

3.4.2. camping or cooking

3.4.3. any storage of goods or materials / dumping of any objects.

3.4.4. doing or attempting to do anything which is a criminal offence.

3.4.5. making unnecessary noise, including playing music so loudly as to annoy other users.

3.5. Combustible, flammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited within the car park with the exception of the normal contents of fuel tank or a fuel can (maximum contents 10 litres).

3.6. Vehicle repairs, modifications or refuelling must not be carried out in the car park, except in an emergency.

3.7. You must not deface the appearance of the car park in any way.

3.8. You must not tamper with any of the car park systems, including access control, ventilation, surveillance and communications.

4. Emergency Exit from Car Park

4.1. In case of emergency, you must leave the car park immediately on foot via the main or emergency escape routes or as directed by Chiltern staff.

5. Re-location of Vehicles.

Entry to the car park shall be conclusive evidence of your authority to Chiltern:

5.1. to relocate your vehicle within the car park, by driving or otherwise, to such extent as may be reasonably necessary to avoid obstruction of, or for the more efficient arrangement of parking facilities at the car park;

5.2. where the car park must in Chiltern's opinion

5.2.1. be closed either permanently or temporarily (whether in whole or in part) or

5.2.2. be evacuated in cases of emergency, to remove your vehicle at any time to any other car park within the Chiltern's ownership, control or management and

5.3. to drive or otherwise take your vehicle on to the public highway.

6. Chiltern's rights

Chiltern may:

6.1. refuse exit from the car park until all charges due in respect of the use of the car have been fully paid

6.2. remove your vehicle from the car park if left for a period of seven days or more and dispose of the same by auction, retaining from the proceeds of sale all associated costs and charges.

7. Correspondence

7.1 This car park is Private Property under Management and Enforcement of our agents, APCOA Parking (UK) Limited.

7.2 All correspondence should be addressed to: APCOA Parking (UK) Limited, PO Box 1010. Middlesex UB8 9NT

7.3 Customer services: 0345 319 9634.