Social Media Accessibility Pledge

At Chiltern Railways, we are committed to improving all aspects of our service provision for every customer, from using our online services through to making your journey on the day. To ensure that social media is accessible to everyone, we pledge the following:

  1. We will publish Chiltern Railways service disruptions as soon as Control issue the information, ensuring the appropriate Alt Text wording is included on Twitter and Facebook if imagery is attached.
  2. If service disruption occurs, we will ensure that the “Delay & Alternatives” text image is published to ensure alternative arrangements can be made and further customer assistance requirements can be identified to complete your journey.
  3. We will ensure our messaging is readable to a target age of nine years and upwards, by keeping our wording to a maximum of 25 words per sentence and avoiding using large chunks of text.
  4. When we post videos that may not contain sound, we will provide a description of the video content either by using subtitles, by publishing a follow-up tweet, or as part of the caption.
  5. We will use #CamelCase in context, eg #AssistedTravel and #ServiceDisruption, to alert and enable searching and help identify consistent wording to aid with travel and destinations.
  6. We will ensure that the colours we use in imagery text and background are visible and clearly contrast each other.
  7. We will ensure that any planned disruptions are scheduled and published two weeks in advance (or when confirmed by the Train Planning team and Department for Transport). Each post will include the link to our “Changes to Train Times” webpage.
  8. If you require assistance, the social media team will aim to help by taking the conversation to a private dialogue or direct message.