Reversal of relaxation of National Rail Conditions of Travel

During the pandemic train companies worked with the government to introduce temporary changes to refund policies, so that passengers weren't left out of pocket by the unprecedented challenges presented by lockdown. As services continue to be uplifted and restrictions ease, those temporary changes are no longer needed and have now reverted back to their original terms and conditions (this change happened on the 7th September 2020).

If you're considering claiming a refund on your season ticket, please be aware that we are no longer be able to provide back-dated refunds and refund applications are now subject to our usual terms and conditions.

Overview of the changes:

  • Refunds: Customers were given an extended period of 56 days from the original date of travel to apply for a refund for unused train tickets. From the 7th of September the refund application period has reverted to the original 28 days.
  • Backdating: Season ticket refunds can only be backdated if a person has proof of an illness which prevented them from using their ticket.
  • Admin fees: Off-peak, Super Off-peak, Anytime and unused packs of Carnet tickets had the refund administration fee waived. From the start of 7th September the usual refund fee of £5 applies for applications made on or after the original booked day of travel. The administration fee for valid season ticket refund applications remains at £10. In the case of ADVANCE fare Single tickets, the £10 Change of journey Administration Fee has been reinstated. Advance tickets are non-refundable, even in lockdown and quarantine scenarios. The full terms & conditions for Advance fare Single ticket journey amendments and refunds are available here.

  • Cross Operator ticket acceptance. There was previously a relaxation in ticket restrictions on some routes, where multiple train companies operate along those same routes. These relaxations meant that tickets that would ordinarily be valid only on the services of one operator were valid on the services of other operators along the same routes. Now that almost all train services have been reinstated, normal operator specific ticket restrictions apply (from the start of 7th September 2020).

We cannot process refunds for tickets bought from other retailers or operators. Please contact your original ticket retailer for refund assistance if you did not buy your ticket from Chiltern Railways.