London Marylebone bicycle racks upgrade

Cycle racks in Marylebone copyright Robin Scott

Image Credit: © Robin Scott

Chiltern Railways is investing in improving the bicycle racks at London Marylebone in partnership with the Department for Transport’s Cycle Rail Fund.

This will increase the number of racks and improve the quality of bicycle parking at London Marylebone. The new racks will be gas-assisted, making it easy to use the top-level racks, and incorporate smart monitoring technology to provide additional security.

In order to upgrade the racks, bicycles currently stored at the station will need to be moved.

The key dates are as follows:

Monday 12th October:

  • Space numbers 131 – 170 will be removed and replaced overnight

Tuesday 13th October:

  • Space numbers 91 – 130 will be removed and replaced overnight.

Wednesday 14th October:

  • Space numbers 51 – 90 will be removed and replaced overnight.

Thursday 15th October:

  • Space numbers 1 – 50 will be removed and replaced overnight.

If you have a bicycle on the platform 3 racks at London Marylebone, you have a couple of options:

  • Remove your bicycle from the racks entirely and store it elsewhere while the work is being completed
  • Move your bicycle from the specific racks which are being removed and replaced that day.

If your bike is not removed before the project starts, it will be removed by our contractors. Bicycles moved in this way may be disposed of if not reclaimed after the completion of the project.