The Chiltern Railways Leaf Fall timetable starts on Monday 7th October for customers in Aylesbury

Chiltern Railways Leaf Fall Timetable starts Monday 7th October for customers in Aylesbury

Chiltern Railways customers may find trains departing from stations a few minutes earlier over the next couple of months. The Leaf Fall timetable will run from Monday 7th October until Sunday 22nd December on the Aylesbury to London Marylebone via Amersham line.  

During this period, customers are advised to check train times before travelling as trains will depart three minutes earlier than usual and may arrive slightly later. 

Throughout Autumn wet leaves fall on the rails and when trains pass over them, it creates a slippery layer on the track. This in turn can make it harder for trains to accelerate and brake effectively. In order to run a safe service, drivers need to pull out of stations more slowly and brake much earlier for signals and stations which can lead to slightly longer journey times. 

Eleni Jordan, Commercial Director of Chiltern Railways said, “We’ve been working closely with Network Rail to ensure that our trains continue to be punctual through the autumn. Behind the scenes our team have worked hard to accommodate treatment trains, which help clean the rails and lay traction gel to improve grip, alongside our passenger services to ensure we run as normal a service as possible. We recommend customers travelling to or from Aylesbury check train times before travelling with us during the Leaf Fall period.”