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Why purchase a Season Ticket with us?

Our Season Tickets offer you more than value for money. We deliver a safe, reliable and welcoming service.

We know how important punctuality is to our passengers and we are proud that 98% of our trains run on time. We intend not only to keep them that way but also where possible improve further. We are continuing to invest in our trains, stations and infrastructure to increase capacity and are extending many car parks to match demand in commuter zones.

All of our Season Tickets can save you money on regular journeys. Depending on your home station, if you travel just 3 times a week a Season Ticket can work out cheaper than buying separate return tickets. We hope the links below will help answer any questions you may have. If not feel free to contact us on 03456 005 165.

1. Types of Season Tickets

2. Tickets and Photocards

3. Special Benefits

4. Buying Your ticket

5. Getting more information


1. Types of Season Tickets

WeeklyValid for any seven consecutive days starting on any day of the week. Compared to buying Anytime Day Return tickets, and depending on your journey, you could save money even if you only travel on two, three or four days a week.
MonthlyValid for one calendar month and can start on any day of the month. On average a Chiltern Monthly Season Ticket Saves you at least 4% compared to buying multiple Weekly Season Tickets for the same period.
Monthly+Valid for any number of months and days between one month and one year you specify. A Chiltern Monthly + Saves you at least 4% compared to buying multiple Weekly Season Tickets for the same period. Perfect if you know you are going away or will not be travelling after a certain date.
AnnualValid for 12 calendar months. With the benefit of 52 weeks travel for the price of 40 this is a saving of 23% compared to buying multiple Weekly Season Tickets for the same period. Check out the additional benefits for Chiltern Annual Season Ticket holders, including Gold Card benefits.
Flexi-Season TicketThe new Flexi-Season ticket offers 8 days of travel in 28 days - any time between two stations. For more information please visit the Flexi-season ticket page.

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2. Tickets and Photocards

  • You can use your Season Ticket at any time and on any day of the week at any station between the points shown on the ticket. You can make as many journeys as you want for work or leisure purposes during your ticket’s period of validity.
  • Car Park Season Tickets are only valid at the station where you purchased the ticket and for the vehicle with the registration number shown on your ticket. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee you a parking place.
  • You must have your Photocard and Season Ticket with you when you travel. Your Season Ticket is not valid without it. If you don’t have your Season Ticket with you, then you should buy another ticket for your journey. You can claim a refund for these tickets on up to 2 occasions in any 12 month period. Claim forms are available from any staffed Chiltern Railways station.
  • Your Season Ticket must cover the full journey you wish to make. It’s your responsibility to have the correct ticket. If you can’t produce a valid ticket for your complete journey you’ll be liable to pay a Penalty Fare of £100 plus the price of the full single fare applicable for your intended journey.
  • Oyster Season tickets are unavailable from our booking offices. Oyster Card Season tickets remain valid on Chiltern Railways services. Passengers can still buy Travelcards from Chiltern website or booking offices, but these will not be issued on Oyster Cards. Passengers wishing to purchase Oyster Card Season tickets may purchase these directly from Transport for London.

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3. Special Benefits

Free weekend travel on all routes

When you buy a monthly or longer season ticket or Travelcard season ticket, originating from a Chiltern Railways station, valid on our services, and worth £150 or more a month (or £1,500 or more a year), you get FREE travel at weekends and on Bank Holidays across our entire network (except for the Bicester Village Shuttle Bus). You must buy your ticket from Chiltern Railways to receive this benefit. Please note that this offer does NOT apply to Flexi-Season tickets.

‘Goldcard’ benefits

When you buy an Annual Season Ticket valid to or from any of our stations you qualify for a ‘Goldcard’. To view a map of where your ‘Goldcard’ can be used please select this link.

'Goldcard' benefits include:

  • Up to a third off most Anytime and Off-Peak (applies 09:30 Mon-Fri) rail fares for you and up to 3 accompanying adults.
  • Up to 4 accompanying children aged between 5 and 15 can get 60% off child fares.
  • Up to 2 children aged under 5 travel free of charge with each fare paying passenger.
  • You can also nominate one other adult who, for just £10, can purchase a one year Railcard (16-25, Family & Friends, Senior, Two Together, Disabled Persons' or Network Railcard).
  • The maximum size of group is four adults, four fare-paying children and two children under 5 (who travel at no charge). The Gold Card holder must travel with the group at all times



Chiltern Railways is committed to providing a punctual and reliable service however to ensure we keep you full up to date with our services we have launched Journey Check. This is a free service where we will text or e-mail you alerts on the status of your trains based on you individual journey. So you will always know if your train is on time before you even arrive at the station. Please select this link to register for JourneyCheck.

Free Bus Travel in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Aylesbury Vale Parkway

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4. Buying your ticket

If you are a first time customer for a season ticket, please go to one of our station ticket offices who will issue you with a photocard.  You will need a passport sized photo which will be attached to the photo card.

Our season tickets can be purchased:

  • Online - please visit our online season ticket shop to purchase a season ticket that is best suited to you.
  • Or at any staffed Chiltern Railways station.

Remember to have your photocard number to hand when buying a season ticket.

To view season ticket prices please visit National Rail Enquiries.

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5. Getting more information

  • If you have any questions about Chiltern Railways Season Tickets call 03456 005 165 (0700 to 2000 every day) or ask at any Chiltern Railways staffed station.

    Use ‘Train Tracker’ for real time departure and arrivals information for all stations on the National Rail network – call 0871 200 4950 - or visit

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