Lost Property online form

To help us reunite you with your item(s) please complete this form and provide us with as much detail as possible. Please ensure you include contact details in the form.

Our lost property office is at London Marylebone station and is open for collections  Monday to Friday : 1200 to 2000 hrs.

Oxford station

All property lost at Oxford station should be reported to GWR. https://www.gwr.com/help-and-support/lost-property

Examination and disposal

If property is left in a train or on a Train Company’s or Rail Service Provider’s premises, they have the right to open it and examine the contents before removing it to a secure place. They may, without being liable, remove or dispose of any property which might in their opinion cause damage or injury or inconvenience staff or passengers. This includes food and liquid items.

Credit and Debit cards

If a Credit or Debit card is handed into our lost property department as lost it will be destroyed within 3 hours.

Season Tickets

If you have lost your Chiltern season ticket please report to a member of staff in a ticket office. Please provide your photo card ID number and a duplicate ticket can be processed. 

Please note it can take up to three weeks for an item to arrive at our lost property office and be processed.

National Rail guidelines state : "A Train Company or Rail Service provider may make a charge for storing property and (not exceeding £30 per item) for retrieval by the owner."   

Below are the list of charges for retrieving your item(s):

Lost Property Item Charge
Laptops, tablet computers and other high-value electronic items £20.00
Mobile phones, personal stereos and other similar electronic items £10.00
All other items £3.00

We will contact you if your item(s) is found and you will be issued with a reference number.  You will need to quote this reference number when you collect your property from Marylebone stations.

Please allow up to three weeks for processing lost items.  If you do not hear from us during this time, you should assume that your item has not been found.

If your item is not collected within 3 months, it will be disposed of.

For further details regarding lost property please refer to the National Rail website here.

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All claims must be within 90 days of loss
Location that item was lost in station
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Description of items

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Other items not listed

If your item is not listed in any of the categories above, please leave a detailed description below. Please leave details of the item, brand, colour and any distingushing markings :