28th July 2022


Thursday 28th July 2022:

In connection with planned RMT industrial action the previous day, there will be NO train service before approximately 09.00. The start of service will generally be between 09.00 and 10.00 (see below), and there will be minor timetable changes until approximately 11.00.


  • 09.09 Oxford - Marylebone.
  • 09.15 Birmingham Moor Street - Marylebone.
  • 08.45 Aylesbury - Marylebone (via Amersham).
  • 08.50 Aylesbury - Marylebone (via High Wycombe).


  • 09.01 Marylebone - Oxford.
  • 09.10 Marylebone - Birmingham Moor Street.
  • 09.27 Marylebone - Aylesbury (via Amersham).
  • 10.13 Marylebone - Aylesbury (via High Wycombe).

The following further timetable alterations will also apply:

  • Additional train: 13.03 Marylebone - Birmingham Moor Street.
  • Additional train: 15.51 Birmingham Moor Street - Marylebone.
  • 17.14 Marylebone - Kidderminster terminates at Birmingham Moor Street.
  • 18.15 Marylebone - Kidderminster terminates at Birmingham Moor Street.

To see the timetables please click on the links below:

Additionally, planned late-night engineering works will be taking place in the Aylesbury area, and a further-amended timetable will be in operation after 23:00.

Some late night journeys will take considerably longer than usual, and may involve travel via alternative routes, on other operator's services and/or rail replacement bus services.

Finalised timetables are now uploaded into online journey planners. Please check your journey in the planner at the following link: https://buy.chilternrailways.co.uk/.

Last updated: 25/07/22 - 11:41