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How do we invest in improving your journey?

Investing to improve 2019 campaign

On train

Last year saw us adapt our timetable to add on average 8,000 extra seats to our services per week, we also worked alongside Network Rail to improve our track to ensure our customers get a smooth ride. We then introduced, our onboard entertainment site, so you can catch up on the latest dramas or chill out after a long day.

Our environment

Last year we made some great steps towards looking after our environment. We have so far installed over 4,000 energy efficient LEDs in our stations, not only do these lights reduce our Carbon Dioxide emissions, they also provide brighter lighting keeping our station safer for customers. London Marylebone also became London's first 'Clean Air Station' through working with AirLabs and BNP Paribas, and is also home to the first facilities in a UK mainline station for coffee cup recycling. These recycling stations are already proving very popular and saving many coffee cups from landfill.


We know our customers start their journey before reaching the station and we are always looking for ways to improve these journeys. That's why last year we added over 180 cycle racks to stations and are adding another 100 early 2019. We have also been developing more ways to purchase a train ticket, by investing in e- and mobile ticketing. Last year 9.2/10 of our trains arrived within 5 minutes of their scheduled time and this year we're hoping for even better.


We're transforming facilities, booking offices, restrooms and more at stations across our route. We're investing over £1.6 million in these transformations to provide better stations for our customers, whether it's a more accessible station, a brighter cafe, or improved signage, we're looking forward to unveiling them to our customers.


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