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Fleet Availability Progress - 11/11/2019

Since the previous update the Engineering team have continued to work hard to address the fleet availability challenge. We have recently seen a significant improvement in trains being available for service and fleet performance is recovering back to the previous high levels of reliability. The recovery actions shared previously are now being completed and fleet availability is returning to the required levels. A few of these actions are:

  • Scheduled maintenance programmes are now back on plan
  • The delivery of key materials has improved and work continues to reduce the risk of further material shortages
  • Increased management focus on fleet reliability issues and defect repair
  • Introduced additional staff resource to expedite train toilet repairs

Short Form Update Graph

We now regularly output the correct number of train types, but we are still reliant on the completion of a number of activities before we can confidently output the correct amount of all trains. These are:

  • The completion of the long term stopped train following a derailment – Expected return to service date 25th November
  • The completion of the silver set accessibility compliance modifications – Expected completion by 13th December

The completion of these two activities will effectively allow the release of two additional trains, which will allow a more consistent train service delivery.

Thank you for your understanding, we will continue to keep you updated on progress.