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Automatic Number Plate Recognition test at Beaconsfield and Warwick Parkway

<p>We currently offer multiple ways for our customers to purchase their daily and season car parking tickets and during the last few years have been looking for the best fit solution for our long term strategy, based on emerging technology, which offers a simple, efficient and easy to use product for our customers.</p>
<p>Automatic number plate recognition systems have been deployed around the country for a few years now and have advanced to a position where we are comfortable with their accuracy and effectiveness and believe that they can fulfil our forward looking strategy for car parking control.</p>
<p>To assist our decision going forwards we have chosen Warwick Parkway and Beaconsfield to test the system in a “live” environment and intend to implement the new system from the <strong>11th April 2016.</strong></p>
<p>The system will enable us to better manage the car park, through improved information on vehicular traffic using the station and will also offer benefits to you, in that it avoids the requirements to purchase tickets and then display them in vehicles and also removes the ongoing problem of displayed tickets fading in sunlight or the ticket not being able to be seen.&nbsp; In addition, it will also provide you with flexibility to amend your parking details online.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Once the system goes live, we will be retiring the aging coin only parking machines from service and payment activities will transfer to the ticket vending machines, which are being updated to request vehicle registration details as a part of the payment process.&nbsp; Tickets will continue to also be available to purchase via our mobile phone app.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Once the system is operational and has had a bedding-in period, we will be seeking feedback.</p>