Our timetable is changing

Our new timetable starts on Sunday 10 December 2023

The Chiltern Railways December 2023 timetable which starts on Sunday 10th December 2023 has very few changes, when compared to the previous timetable.

A small number of services have had their times changed by a few minutes with the aim of improving overall punctuality. Customers should check journey planners to see if their train is affected.

The ‘leaf-fall’ timetable will continue to operate for trains from Aylesbury Vale Parkway / Aylesbury to London Marylebone (via Amersham) until Sunday 7th January 2024. This means that trains on the ‘Metropolitan Line’ route will be timetabled to leave up to three minutes earlier than normal when heading towards London.

The following weekday stations / train schedules are amended:

Bicester Village

  • The weekday 06:25 departure to Oxford is retimed to leave at 0643.

Haddenham & Thame Parkway

  • The weekday 08:35 departure from London Marylebone to Banbury will call additionally at Haddenham & Thame Parkway at 09:20, bridging a current 90 minute gap in services to Bicester North and Banbury.


  • The weekday 06:47 departure from London Marylebone to Oxford will call at Islip at 08:00 providing an additional commuter time journey opportunity from Islip into Oxford.
  • The weekday 17:49 departure from Oxford to London Marylebone will call additionally at Islip, providing an additional commuter time journey from Oxford to Islip. The train will leave Islip at 17:59 for London.

Kings Sutton

  • The train that forms the current 09:19 departure to London Marylebone will no longer call at Kings Sutton.
  • An additional train to London Marylebone will call at Kings Sutton at 10:11.
  • The weekday 17:11 Birmingham Snow Hill to Marylebone calls additionally at Kings Sutton at 18:13, providing a much more even spread of trains for customers traveling from Banbury to Kings Sutton in the late afternoon and an additional early evening service to London.


  • The weekday 06:05 departure from Oxford to London Marylebone will call additionally at Saunderton at 06:44, arriving into London Marylebone at 07:34.
  • The weekday 09:01 train from Saunderton to London Marylebone will no longer stop at the station. It is hoped that this station call will be reinstated in June 2024.

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Weekend changes

Saturday (SO)

  • 1Y06 0610 Oxford-Marylebone calls additionally at Seer Green & Jordans (in lieu of the stop removed from another service).
  • 2H07 0635 Aylesbury-Marylebone no longer calls at Seer Green & Jordans but calls additionally at Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross (bridges a 150-minute gap in service from the latter two stations to the Ruislip stations for better London Underground connectivity).
  • 1H17 0644 Stourbridge Junction-Marylebone starts in service from Birmingham Moor Street at 0714. This train is sandwiched between two West Midlands Railway services running into Birmingham, with alternative journey opportunities provided.
  • 1R63 2032 Marylebone-Birmingham Moor Street no longer calls at Lapworth (this is to avoid a non-compliance we have with this train in the current timetable).
  • 1R65 2102 Marylebone-Birmingham Moor Street calls additionally at Lapworth (in lieu of the stop removed from 1R63).

Sunday (SU)

  • Minor retimings are made to some of the trains running between Leamington Spa and Stratford-Upon-Avon.